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Hugh Hefner and Playboy Playmates The Pussycat Dolls Opening Night May 9, 2002 - West Hollywood, Ca Hugh Hefner and his Playmates at the Opening night of 'The Pussycat Dolls', a burlesque-flavored cabaret act held at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. He is the most famous man, with the most famous house, in the most famous neighborhood in the world.

This story was originally published in the August 30th, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone. He has the most famous parties, with the most famous guests, and their fame is the source of his own. So famous that it isn't called "a house." So famous that it isn't even called "a mansion." It is The Mansion, always with capital letters, always the definite article.

"Most reporters come to me with a preconceived agenda," he told me after our first meeting.

"They end up with a story that's very superficial, without much insight to the man inside."I have tried, at his request, to do better than my peers.

The Mansion I walked into held none of the epicurean delights I had heard about.

It is an idea, a graduation stage in the school of celebrity.

Here was a guy who could lounge by the pool all day, sipping piña coladas and screwing strumpets.

Then, one day last year, I made my first trip to The Mansion.

Nobody else was around; the place seemed improbably solemn. And then he walked through the door, in black pajamas and a red smoking jacket, looking very much alive, albeit rather apprehensive."Well, hi there," he stammered in a deep nasal voice, putting his hand out for a shake and giving a nervous grin. I said yes, thank you, and he forced another smile, lurching toward a cabinet, fumbling around for a while, then returning with a small bottle, which he shoved toward me and then yanked back, going again to the cabinet and fumbling around some more.

He ambled around to a sofa by the window and seated himself but instantly stood again. When he finally returned, he had come up with a small tumbler, but he had a look of great embarrassment as he explained that he didn't have any ice. Immediately, he launched into the official story, the one you hear on A&E's Biography, the one he has told in almost every interview he has given since 1962.

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