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PARADE | How much did your career as gamers influence your success? ” At that point, we had been looking for the Pit Stop for about 45 minutes. Ashley: One thing we’ve heard a lot about the Race, even before we went into it, and it really does bear out, is that the hardest part of the Race isn’t the challenges. But the hardest part of the Race is getting from Point A to Point B, because so often, it’s in someone else’s hands. [Laughs] I feel like I have to learn it, because now I need to beat it. we did so much prep for the Race, and the thing that’s hardest to me looking back is I had one of those electric unicycles in my Amazon shopping cart. When we got back from the Race, it was still in my shopping cart.In this case, the clue we were given was a painting of the Shenzen Cultural Center, and it’s enormous. The building is so big that it has to be two blocks away just to fit it into the background shot. We still got out of the Detour in third place — but we needed other people’s help to find the Pit Stop. Burnie: We probably asked people for more directions in China than we did in all of the other legs combined. And when you shop for something online, it shows that thing in ads on every other website that you go to.Other reality shows, such as Dancing with the Stars, have also cast digital media creators in hopes of attracting the viewership of those creators’ dedicated fans.The Amazing Race will send off its season 28 contestants shortly, and their respective journeys are likely to last into December.Everything we approached, we approached with a team mentality: “We’re going to knock this out together.What can I be doing right now to help our team the most?The season 28 cast members will not be the first digital media stars to compete on The Amazing Race.

Notable names within the field include Tyler Oakley, who is so hot right now; Burnie Burns, the founder of Rooster Teeth; and Zach King, a special effects wizard who will have to negotiate real-life obstacles.They placed second for five legs in a row beginning with Leg 6, only to fall on extraordinarily bad luck during their final leg in China.Here’s what Burnie and Ashely had to say about their key to success on the Race, how their gaming history impacted the competition, their takes on the three remaining finalists, and what they have planned next.So we get to that general area, and without being able to speak the language, trying to ask someone where the library is… I wouldn’t be surprised if we asked 40 people for directions that day. I kept seeing that damn unicycle everywhere I went for a month after that. Burnie: I think I bought paper towels just so I wouldn’t see the unicycle anymore. And I think, oddly enough, that influenced my decision to do the unicycles. ” But I have no idea why I thought that was going to help us.we asked dozens and dozens of people, and no one could tell us where it was. My mind was just not working after that Roadblock challenge. Let’s do something fun.” We had a lead over Cole and Sheri. We knew we could make a switch pretty quickly if we needed to. Let’s try something fun before we do the boring thing.”Burnie: We were only a block away. It’s totally within the rules, and it motivates you to do better. [Laughs]PARADE | Looking back at the previous episode, when you made sure the Frisbee Bros would get U-Turned…Ashley: I love how everybody’s calling them the Frisbee Bros. Ashley: It’s something Brodie would say all the time.

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